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our new album: April 26th 2024

artwork by mav bun

hvckfynn_everyday gets better
HVCK FYNN single artwork, don't forget my name
HYCK FYNN pidi steger and guy vincent

HVCK FYNN is the band formed by Peter Steger and Michel Gsell, also known as Guy Vincent, from Lucerne, a city located in the heart of Switzerland, surrounded by protective mountains, on a beautiful lake.

Named after the young adventurer from Mark Twain's book "Huckleberry Finn," the band's lyrics were initially highly inspired by the book. However, with a lot more life experience, many other stories have been gathered. Today, the inspiration comes from both challenging family circumstances and a fundamentally positive force that drives the lyrics towards something optimistic. There is something comforting in the songs, underscored by versatile arrangements of playful verses and clear, anthem-like choruses.

HVCK FYNN Peter Steger and Guy Vincent

Hope plays a significant role in the songs and in the life of HVCK FYNN in general. Because we all need hope. We cannot control everything, and the world will occasionally throw us off balance. To have the strength to get back up, we need hope. And for that, we need trust. Above all, trust in love, both universal and specific love. According to Peter Steger, this fundamental trust in love is the basis for any hope. However, it also requires imagination and a childlike belief in goodness. A fantastic, beautiful horizon and the certainty of being able to reach it. This fantastic horizon is an idea, a dream. It can help us better understand the external world or keep it at bay from time to time. This fantastic horizon is the enduring source of hope.

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